February 24, 2024
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A New Chapter Unfolds – Dungeon Hunter 6 to Make a Comeback in 2023

Five years after Dungeon Hunter 5 released on mobiles, its long-running series is making a return with Dungeon Hunter 6. Developed by GOAT Games from Guangzhou and said to cater to Dungeon Hunter fans and offer a unique action RPG experience, the new entry of the franchise reported to be released in 2023.

Goat Games to Star in the Action RPG Comeback

GOAT Games is a mobile developer based in Guangzhou and specializes in creating Gacha RPG and action games. Their current titles include Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas and Dragon Storm Fantasy, both of which demonstrate their strong capabilities of developing unique games.

Machine Ma, VP of GOAT Games had the following to say about the upcoming release,

“It’s a day millions of Dungeon Hunter fans have been eagerly hoping for after the launch of Dungeon Hunter 5 back in 2015. We are passionate to create something that will not just please those fans, but also provide a new and exciting Action-RPG experience that will keep player engaged and coming back for years!”

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The other details about Dungeon Hunter 6 are yet to be revealed, and players eagerly await to see what the game holds in store for when it arrives in 2023.

An Exciting Future Awaits for Dungeon Hunter Franchise

Dungeon Hunter 5 is still being updated and given new content with a loyal fanbase behind it. Despite its lack of weight in comparison with Diablo Immortal or Torchlight Infinite, Dungeon Hunter 6 offers a fresh opportunity for the franchise to relive its stature and reign supreme over its competition.

For now, while we are keenly awaiting the new entry in Dungeon Hunter series, we can still keep a close eye out for any further news of it.

Source: https://www.droidgamers.com/news/gamelofts-diablo-like-action-rpg-series-dungeon-hunter-returns-this-year/

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